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Strategy Services

We understand that every journey towards cyber resilience begins with a comprehensive, well-orchestrated strategy. Your data ecosystem requires a roadmap that not only protects it from cyber threats but also aligns cybersecurity initiatives with your business objectives. Our Strategy Services are devised to help you chart a course, ensuring that every tactical effort propels your organization towards a more secure, compliant, and robust digital future.

Data Protection Strategy

Our data protection strategy service takes a proactive approach, focusing on five key areas:

1. Threat Landscape Assessment:

  • Analyze the evolving cybersecurity landscape and emerging threats relevant to your industry.

  • Identify potential attack vectors and data breach scenarios.

  • Evaluate the impact of data breaches on your business operations and reputation.


2. Data Security Control Assessment:

  • Assess the effectiveness of existing security controls for data storage, access, and transmission.

  • Identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your current security posture.

  • Evaluate compliance with relevant data security regulations (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA).


3. Technology and Infrastructure Analysis:

  • Review the security architecture of your IT infrastructure and data systems.

  • Recommend security technology solutions to mitigate identified risks.

  • Implement intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), data encryption, and access controls.


4. Incident Response and Continuity Planning:

  • Develop a comprehensive incident response plan to detect, contain, and recover from data breaches or cyberattacks.

  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans to ensure continued operations in the event of disruptions.

  • Conduct regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities proactively.


5. Employee Training and Awareness:

  • Conduct comprehensive cybersecurity training for employees, contractors, and third-party vendors.

  • Foster a culture of security awareness within your organization.

  • Implement phishing simulations and vulnerability training programs.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

  • Enhanced data security posture and improved overall IT resilience.

  • Minimized downtime and financial losses in case of security incidents.

  • Increased confidence and trust in your data security practices.

  • Improved compliance with data security regulations and industry standards.


Additional Services:

  • LFG can further support your data protection efforts through:

    • Vulnerability management and patching services

    • Security architecture design and implementation

    • Penetration testing and red teaming exercises

    • Breach simulation and tabletop exercises

Data Privacy Strategy

Our data privacy strategy service takes a holistic approach, focusing on five key areas:

1. Data Mapping and Inventory:

  • Identify and classify all types of data collected, stored, and processed.

  • Assess data sensitivity based on regulatory requirements and business context.

  • Develop data flows and retention policies.


2. Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis:

  • Evaluate compliance with relevant data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA).

  • Identify vulnerabilities and potential data breaches.

  • Assess the effectiveness of existing data privacy controls.


3. Policy and Procedure Development:

  • Develop or refine data privacy policies and procedures aligned with best practices and regulations.

  • Create clear guidelines for data collection, use, storage, and disposal.

  • Implement data subject rights management processes (e.g., access, rectification, erasure).


4. Technology and Infrastructure Assessment:

  • Evaluate the security of data storage and processing systems.

  • Recommend security improvements and technology solutions to mitigate data privacy risks.

  • Implement data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption controls.


5. Training and Awareness:

  • Conduct comprehensive data privacy training for employees, contractors, and third-party vendors.

  • Foster a culture of data privacy within your organization.

  • Develop ongoing monitoring and reporting mechanisms.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

  • Enhanced data security posture and improved overall IT security.

  • Increased trust and transparency with customers, employees, and regulators.

  • Improved brand reputation and competitive advantage.

  • Clear and actionable roadmap for implementing data privacy best practices.


Additional Services:

  • LFG can further support your data privacy efforts through:

    • Data breach response and incident management

    • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

    • Privacy impact assessments (PIAs)

    • Data anonymization and de-identification services

Data Privacy By Design 

Data Privacy by Design is not a bolt-on feature; it's a philosophy woven into the development process. We collaborate with your team at every stage, focusing on five key areas:

1. Privacy Requirements Gathering:

  • Identify stakeholder needs and expectations regarding data privacy.

  • Analyze the application's purpose, functionality, and target audience.

  • Define the types of data the application will collect, store, and process.


2. Privacy Threat Modeling:

  • Proactively identify potential privacy risks and vulnerabilities inherent in the application design.

  • Assess the likelihood and impact of each risk.

  • Prioritize risks and develop mitigation strategies.


3. Privacy-Enhancing Design Principles:

  • Integrate data minimization, purpose limitation, data subject rights, and other privacy-by-design principles into the development process.

  • Implement technical controls such as encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymization.

  • Design user interfaces that promote transparency and empower users to control their data.


4. Secure Development Practices:

  • Integrate secure coding practices and vulnerability management throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Conduct regular security testing and penetration assessments.

  • Ensure adequate security measures for data storage, transmission, and access control.


5. Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance:

  • Establish a framework for ongoing privacy monitoring and compliance.

  • Implement processes for handling data breaches and privacy incidents.

  • Regularly review and update the application's privacy controls as needed.


Expected Outcomes:

  • A privacy-compliant and secure application built with trust and transparency in mind.

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

  • Increased user trust and confidence in your application.

  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace by demonstrating your commitment to data privacy.


Additional Services:

  • LFG can further support your data privacy by design efforts through:

    • Privacy impact assessments (PIAs)

    • Data breach response and incident management

    • Security awareness training for developers and staff

Incident Response Strategy

  • Description: When cyber incidents occur, a swift, organized response is crucial. Our strategies ensure you’re prepared for the worst, with tools and plans to act effectively.

    • Crisis Simulation and Tabletop Exercises

    • Communication Plans

    • Post-Incident Analysis and Lessons Learned

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Cyber Strategy

  • Description: M&A can be a vulnerable time for any organization. We ensure cybersecurity considerations are front and center throughout the M&A lifecycle.

    • Due Diligence Assessments

    • Integration Strategy

    • Post-Merger Cyber Health Checks

Digital Transformation and Cloud Strategy

  • Description: As businesses evolve, so do their cyber needs. We help you securely navigate the migration to cloud and digital platforms.

    • Cloud Security Best Practices

    • Vendor Assessment and Selection

    • Secure Architecture Design

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