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About Us


Our team brings extraordinary depth and expertise to every client engagement and interaction.  Our team of senior consultants is led by former security executives and team leaders from some of the most respected global brands in retail, financial services, payments and big tech including:  The Home Depot, Wells Fargo, Fiserv, Dell, T-Mobile, Cisco, IBM and HPE.

As leaders, practitioners and advisors we have:

  • Dealt with the fallout and recovery from massive data breaches first hand

  • Implemented global cybersecurity strategies for some of the most complex and heterogeneous environments

  • Led Fortune 500 companies to sustainable compliance posture for regulatory mandates (PCI, GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

  • Led Fortune 500 companies through the detailed evaluation and selection of potential security products, solutions and strategies; we can recommend the best fit for you

  • Led global organizations through the creation/management of project plans and implementation of new Data Security Posture Management practices

  • Led development teams in the adoption of a shift-left approach to optimize in-house Secure Development Lifecycle programs

  • Led corporate product security, data security and cloud security teams

  • An acute awareness of the delicate balance of leveraging AI for growth and efficiency while being hyper-aware of its potential impacts to data security and integrity

  • Contracted with consultancies (big and boutique) and know what works, what does not and what to avoid

  • Started and led successful security consulting companies as individuals and have now pooled our knowledge base, expertise and passion together as a collective to help you, our clients.


We've pooled our knowledge base and experience to create the best cybersecurity consultancy on the planet. 

Make us prove it.

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